Designed to characterise the dynamic behaviour of materials to strain rates of 3,000/s at temperatures up to 500⁰C

After decades of designing, building and operating split Hopkinson Bars (SHB's) Natural Impacts Ltd have produced the worlds first small, easy to use, affordable SHB with outstanding performance that fits on a standard office desk

Fully Automated

Using our custom designed electronics and user-friendly interface, once the specimen is in place & the parameters set, all you need to do is press ‘go’.  This enables up to 20 tests to be completed per hour

High & Low Temperature Testing

The fully automated operation makes accurate high and low temperature tests possible.  Specimen heat loss to the bars is minimised as the specimen is clamped and tested within just 0.1s.

Mechanical Actuation

The incredible precision (0.03mm) and speed is achieved through the combination of accurately sequenced servo-controlled lead-screws to position the specimen and bars and a state of the art tangential striker bar launcher.

Table Top Operation

At only 1.6m in length and weighing just 30kg and without the need for compressed air you only need a standard size table in a normal laboratory environment to operate our SHB 

Furnace Module

The bespoke miniature furnace module is capable of 500⁰C minimises specimen transit time and its orientation enables the specimen to be held securely throughout the test cycle by gravity alone.


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