Base Unit

Our standard split Hopkinson bar (SHB) comes as a ready-to-use system complete with furnace, velocity meter, high-speed amplifiers, oscilloscope and analysis software.


The high-strength bars and precise instrumentation enable metals, ceramics, polymers, composites etc…. to be accurately tested. The samples are small cylinders which are cheap and easy to make.

The SHB fits on a normal desk and only requires a standard electrical socket. It is virtually silent and all the moving components are concealed behind attractive transparent interlocked guards.


The operation is controlled by two purposed-designed microcomputers to control the automation of the bars/specimen and the velocity of the striker bar. 


An interactive display guides the operator through the simple process of entering the test parameters, then the control unit conducts the test automatically.


Standard SHB


Amp v1.JPG

Strain Gauges

& Amplifiers

Each bar is fitted with four strain gauges mounted uniformly around the circumference with adjacent pairs connected in series. 

The signals are fed into bespoke high-speed bridge-completion amplifiers with laser-trimmed gain (x100) and excitation voltage (+/-2.5V) to ensure life-long accurate measurements. 

Velocity sensors.JPG

Velocity Meter

The velocity meter has optical sensors and a quartz crystal reference to ensure accurate and reliable measurements to 0.01m/s.


Direct TTL outputs are provided for triggering external equipment (High-speed cameras, oscilloscopes etc...) and an RS232 output allows automatic logging on an external computer. 

R8002978-01 (1).jpg


The Tektronix TBS1000 features:

  • 50 MHz bandwidth

  • 2-channels

  • Up to 2 GS/s sample rate on all channels

  • 2.5 k point Record length on all channels


  • USB 2.0 host port on the front panel for quick and easy data storage

  • USB 2.0 device port on the rear panel for easy connection to a PC

Specimen entering furnace v1.JPG


Our automated 1kW furnace module enables materials to be tested accurately at up to 500⁰C.

The automation sequence allows the specimen to be soaked for up to 1 hour before rapidly positioning the specimen between the bars within 2
seconds. The bars are then clamped against the specimen and the test conducted within 0.1s.


Analysis Software

The SHB data can be quickly processed into conventional stress versus strain graphs using our HoProc analysis software.

Simply download the data files from the scope, enter the test parameters and click the Save-As button to save the results as a new Excel spread

Giving a Presentation


The SHB is supplied with a comprehensive instruction manual. We also provide training “workshops” that cover both the theoretical and practical
aspects to ensure you get relevant accurate data that meets your requirements.